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Peter Maley

Pete Maley and his wife, Teresa, were once as poor as church mice. In those days church mice were wealthy creatures with Swiss bank accounts compared to the Maleys. In December 1980 they moved to a cottage on the edge of the Simonside Hills in Northumberland. They drove out with all their belongings in a small, ex-Post Office Van. The cottage had no heating. That night they piled two quilts, a duvet and every woollen blanket they owned onto the bed. They capped the pile with a big old duffle coat. It was bitterly cold. Under the blankets they were warm as dormice hibernating in a nest of straw. The following morning they woke to find a thick layer of frost all over the duvet and the duffle coat.

The next day it started to snow.
And how it snowed. As it rained for Noah, so it snowed for the Maleys. A sea of snow rolled up the road cutting the cottage off from the rest of the world for three days. After the plough swept the road clear, they went for a walk and found themselves standing in the shadow of a seven-foot high snowdrift.

Pete wondered: if a Frost Giant escaped from Jotunheim, would it take a holiday in the hills of Northumberland?

Pete Maley lives in Scotland’s Border Country with his wife and family.
Badgers are omnivores. They eat anything. Pete is a badger when it comes to books. He devours anything and everything. But even a badger would make special mention of Terry Pratchett.

Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy was born in Newcastle but has since lead a fairly peripatetic existence and has lived at various times in Yorkshire, the West Country, Spain, The United States and France. He now lives in the Capital City of the English tribe with his family. According to official records he is neither a teenager nor an alien.

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