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The Diary of a Teenage Alien by Michael McCarthy

In 'The Diary of a Teenage Alien' Space Cadet 422 is staying on Plane Earth with an Earthling family and is recording his impressions in his diary. In this diary he attempts to answer the question that has puzzled scientists on Orion 3 for a Zorgonian Eon namely:
Is there any evidence of intelligent life on Planet Earth?
In this first volume of his diary 'The Season of the Falling Leaves' we get to meet Space Cadet 422's Earthling family and friends as well as some of the other life-forms that get to 'share' the planet with the humans. Over the course of this first volume Space Cadet 422 also looks into various aspects of life on Planet Earth such as the Earthling's fascination with spheres, the differences between normal human beings and members of the celebrity race and the cunning disguise used by one of the planet's most dangerous subversives.
As well as looking for signs of intelligent life Space Cadet 422 also wants to start a relationship with a female Earthling. Will he find love? Will he find any evidence of intelligent life? And is he really from Orion 3? To find the answer to these and many other questions you will need to read 'The Diary of a Teenage Alien.'

cover fallingleaves
cover new beginning
cover evening sun
cover fallingice

In these final two volumes of 'the Diary of a Teenage Alien' Space Cadet 422 continues his search for signs of intelligent life on Earth whilst still looking for 'the one'. This quest to find 'the one' leads him to becoming involved with a liberation army (the PCLA) who try to free some intelligent beings that are being held captive in a suburb of London and in Belgium.
Meanwhile Connor is still trying to enter the celebrity kingdom whilst Doofus the cat shows that he is a true 'master of the universe' rather than all those shifty-looking men in suits who keep appearing on the TV.

In the latest volumes of 'The Diary of a Teenage Alien' Space Cadet 422 continues to search for intelligent life on Earth. Along the way he investigates other mysteries such as who sent him a valentine's card and which celebrities may well be replicants.

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